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All Of The Things, Picking Up Speed!

Greetings! As always, I hope this finds you well, and I thank you for reading! Things are picking up speed; and I can finally say the studio is again, completely operational. As a result, I’ve already started working on both the revisited and remix series, and I can say things are flowing smoothly. The Mac Pro allowed me to have more cores and more ram. Being that it’s my main production machine, it’s made my workflow much more fluid and efficient. To clarify, plugins and files process and open super quickly, so I no longer hesitate to try every possible option/options!  Also, no system overloads and everything is in its proper, place where it can be easily used! There is also the case of before I was using i5’s and i7’s and now I’m using i7’s and Xeons instead. For apps like Logic Pro, only having 8gb of ram was a serious detriment because as soon as Iwould get 4 or 5 tracks, at 96k/24 bit recorded, (Note: this is only using the stock plugins,) beach balls abound! 

I’m also ratcheting up the update frequency. I think it’ll allow me to blog more while staying productive, as I started this post several days ago. I won’t commit to any specific length, but the plan is to make it weekly, 3-500 words with a few exceptions. Also working on new sections to the site, as well as editing and curating content for the site. There are a ton of pictures from live shows we played as “AD”, and instead of them sitting on hard drives, I’ll be sharing them from the site! I’m also in the process of culling the pictures and videos from other social networks and putting them into galleries on the site.

Also, I've received a few messages asking me why I'm doing the revisited series. Because of app development. In the App Store ecosystem, we can ship betas and 1.0 releases then update, knowing that there are flaws in the code. It mostly works so you ship now and update later. So that got me to thinking, why didn’t artists take advantage of this? So instead of asking for permission, I’m giving the idea a chance. So “M-Theory”, “Millennial” and “Jupiter” are going to be revisited. Besides those releases, there are a ton of new songs and albums coming soon! With my upgraded studio and my guitar-arsenal, things are moving much more efficiently! I'm ready to for war!

More soon.