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2017, And Beyond!

So I'm back! In the spirit of reflection, I'm taking this time here, to look back, as well as talk about how we move forward! 2016, The year that seems to be hated by the majority on the internet. It was not the best year for me personally, or professionally, It was, however, productive and we learned a lot! So not to get too into the weeds, but it was both productive and rough. I managed to release 4 of the 5 albums written the same year. I started with a ton of technically deficient machines and as a result, I wasn't able to do everything I wanted. At that point, I realized that Eight GB of ram wouldn't be enough to run the plugins and track counts I needed. I then decided to go as far as I could, with the idea that I would upgrade over the course of the year. So am I happy with the releases? I’d have to say mostly, however, I am planning on redoing 3 of them, and calling it the revisited series. I now have the hardware to run more stuff than I could've hoped.  

In addition to those releases, I am in the process of writing and finishing ten to eleven more studio albums, some of which will be acoustic records, i.e. just my vocal and a guitar. Some of which will be true to form, AID releases, in that back to pushing the envelope. I will be taking everything I've learned and will begin another radical shift, and dive deeper! I already have songs, demoed, and working titles for them. I even have them separated and the albums already have titles. This is not counting remixes, live, or side project releases. These will all be full AID releases!  We're also going to try a Patreon first model, where all of the music I make goes to Patreon at least 2 weeks before Itunes or Spotify, and even our website and band camp!  All and all, there will most likely be more than 20 releases this year! Various things that I feel deserve to exist, however, I wouldn’t call them full on statements either. Some live acoustic and live full band interpretations of previous releases, i.e. albums played in entirety, again presented with a completely different approach playing it live. 

At the moment, the live band stands as a work in progress. Schedules are getting harder to manage and finding a permanent drummer, seems to be not too dissimilar from a grail quest. I haven’t given up, just decided on a slightly different plan for attacking the problem. So several options, I’m one, preparing show’s where the availability isn’t an issue. Basically, play as many shows as I can, with as many variations as possible. So some shows could just be me and my guitar/mac and some could be a full band, and somewhere in between! I am also working out the details and budgets for just hiring musicians for one-off performances. We would most likely record and produce official releases, using that material. We’re also exploring VR and live streaming of those level of shows first, while slowly transitioning to all video engagements being VR or immersive 360 video. Lot’s to do. I’ll most likely release album titles sometime soon, however, exact release dates will be much later. We are also developing physical products for the store. We’re still working out exact details there too, but we want to make sure that the stuff we produce actually needs to exist. I’m not into the idea of creating disposable crap, I want it to matter! So we’re putting a lot of thought into, every design, idea, and presentation. 

So many schedules and dates to keep straight. I want to also take this opportunity to say here that, Jeanine and I, are officially starting a podcast/netcast network! We have a lot planned, and have been working on this for over a year! We’re still not ready to launch yet, but the finish line is well in sight!  This has been Jeanine’s baby, and I’ve basically served as a producer and technical director, really. I don’t want to say too much, at the moment! But I wanted to shed some light on how I’ve been spending my time, outside of AID-land. This explains some of it, coding, homeschool, physics, photography, and electronic circuit behavior, explain the rest. I’m going to make these posts at least monthly, eventually transitioning them to vlogs, so I’ll see you soon!



Christian Imes practicing with his Billy Corgan signature Fender Stratocaster

Christian Imes practicing with his Billy Corgan signature Fender Stratocaster