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Progress Progress And More Progress!

We're still knee deep in recording, and writing land, so needless say things are a bit chaotic, however its totally the happy kind of chaos! So we're having a blast creating and just going with the tao and letting the inspiration flow from mind to machine. So besides having way more material than we need, we're moving forward and giving every part of every note the proper attention and focus it needs, while remaining careful to not redouble our efforts and lose sight of the goal.

So the goal for us is to make the best alternative music we can, and for that we must do it without borders or boundaries, rules or controls, and less than zero compromise! We will not stop until its done, as these songs mean something to us and are totally worth the work!

More updates this month, super super busy time here, but the good kind of busy, but keep checking this space all of the things AiD!