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Ghetto Electro Halloween Compilation

We've teamed up with Ghetto Electro Productions, to put together a Halloween themed, compilation, and AiD will be contributing music as well as some other behind the scenes stuff. If you would like to contribute take a look below!

  • We are going to put out a FREE online compilation in October.

    Deadline is Friday September 21st & will be released in October.

    This will be a themed compilation, we are looking for artists to do 2 songs, one original Halloweenish type track & one cover of a horror film or Halloweenish type song. So it's going to be like a double disc compilation. 

    If time is an issue, just give us your darkest song that you would probably hear in a horror film.

    Submit your entries to either:

    This is a themed compilation, all genres welcomed!

    Also let us know what movie theme or horror theme u will take on. You can post it here. That way we don't have 10 bands doing the same one. Post it so all can see so everyone knows it's taken!

    Also, Ghetto Electro Productions is a non-profit organization. This is about getting the bands heard & getting all genres together to get new audiences!

More soon...