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No Rest For The Wicked! Music Update, Blogs, DIY Music Conference Nashville

Writing is going better than expected! Every time I think I’ve written enough, I get a new idea! Production is taking more time, but that's because I am focused on getting right the first time. Up until now, I’ve done things with the idea of refinement. The first 3 EP’s were done and the album served as a reenvisioning of songs for the album, as I think a great song lends itself to interpreted differently. Being that there are so many new songs, I don’t think that this method of operation makes much sense. I may revisit this format later. For now, I am focusing on getting as much quality material written and released as possible.


To that end, I am making the most of every writing and recording session! Using my best mic’s, machines, and gear! This way eliminate the necessity for a ton of overdubs. Instead, we can really dive into polishing the productions, as last year it was getting things done, quickly! I still stand behind the songs being great, with minimal production! The revisited is, what I can do with time and focus on polish, which is why I won’t be pulling the original versions of the albums. I think for songs written in three weeks, and each album taking roughly two weeks to complete I think Jeanine and I did an amazing thing! I immensely proud of what were able to achieve and am beyond stoked to see where else we go. 

One of the other things that last years round accomplished which cannot be understated was I wanted to show and prove what I could do on my own! In the past, I’d have colleagues help here and there and so I got outta the habit of thinking about how to finish things for my own music, myself. Instead, I would think of which friend or colleague would be best suited to edit, mix, and master. I felt a loss of identity and lack of control, which was my own doing. Last year I took back that control and now I’m able to handle working with people, and not letting people just work for me! 

Also, we’re getting ready for the CD Baby DIY Music Conference in Nashville! Hoping to be able to play a few songs, and network network network! I really think this conference is going to be great for me, as I really interested to see who else is out there, and hopefully make some new friends, and possibly even some collaborators! Just being around other like-minded individuals I think will be enriching for my soul! Am I nervous? Of course! But I think stepping out of your comfort zone at every possible opportunity is good for you, I think this will be the case here, so come what I may I’ll be there! I already bought the ticket! I’ve also made a couple of chat buddies from commenting on the Facebook event page, so hoping for the best! Besides all of the good vibes, it doesn’t hurt that the second day of the conference is my birthday!

Still updates to the site, almost ready to publish all the pages. Things are taking a little more time, but I think it’ll be worth the wait on all of the things. Also, I’ll be sharing cover art and other neat things across the socials, and there will be a place on the site for people who don’t use or don’t follow me on those platforms. I am also knee deep in helping build! The site is in working order but we’re editing and populating content, and composing, editing music as well as other assets, for the site! I’m also writing a music equipment and tech blog, so be sure to check that out!  We have a lot planned, and we’re just getting started!