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Moving Slowly But Surely!

Hey, hope you're well and thank you for reading this! Things are going well, a bit slower than I'd like to but things are consistently getting done! I am hoping I can speed things up, however, I'd rather take my time than rush any part of the process. After last year, I learned it's better to take my time and to run my own race. I am super pleased that the studio is almost finished being updated/upgraded. These changes to my workflow and additions to my sonic arsenal will make the act of creating and finishing records most expedient. It'll also make the quality higher as there won’t be such a large separation between demo and production, as the new studio is being tailored to be in and always-on-full-production-mode. Despite the studio not being fully operational, I've kept it functional enough so that I could keep writing, and working on the other bits and bytes, while we wait for the various parcel services.  

As a result, I have written a metric ton of new music and spent many, many hours on other web content for the network! The new media network will not be called that is actually an in-house code name, as we don't want to give away the name before all domains and redirects are secured. There will be a lot of releases for about a year, with possibly something ridiculous in 2018-2019 but I'll have to get back to you on that as it's a herculean effort!  Now, this is not to say 2017 won't be its own kind of ridiculous, as I said in the last post, that there will be at least 10 AID releases, most likely more. Again, these will not all be albums, however, a large portion are and that doesn't include the revisited series! We still are not set up for video yet, and we're also a bit behind on live show preparation. I am optimistic and hopeful things will start to coalesce into a show we can be proud of and actually/affordably pull off. We've also been saving money for working with new producers, promotion and possibly live musicians, and are close to our savings goal!  So all of the things are moving albeit slower than I'd like, but I can see measurable progress every day! I promise the next update will be more timely and hopefully with some actual dates for things and possibly links, all the glorious links!