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Looking Good, Feeling Good, and Sounding Even Better!

WOW! The last several months since we did a proper update have been insanely productive! August is looking like a very good month, for something! Still can't say exactly what, as we're trying to pack as much in as possible, without rushing or forcing anything to be done, i.e. we are recording lots, but keeping only the best takes, not just good enough but the ones that make you feel like, wow I just fraking killed it! Any who in live land, the "AiD Shadows" project is shaping up nicely!  Confident in our step,  is not even close to explaining how good I personally feel about all that we've been cooking up!

Our circle is much smaller these days, but much more productive and focused on making these records right, and by any means necessary! We also figured out a scalable model of sorts for the live band that may see a show or two this year, however it is most likely that it will be early 2016! I know this is not as soon as we'd like it to be but, again, there is still a slim possibility that we'll be able to make a show or two happen this year. Again we can be certain we will be able to deliver on the show we've built, constantly and far more nimble yet much more entertaining! 

We're also continuing work on the site, expect even more changes, but we're also working on the records so it's taking us a bit more time than we initially allocated and we also want to be sure everything works, so testing pages and stuff before they go live is essential! We thank you all for support across the social sphere, and here, we promise to make sure we do our best!


Stay awesome!


Christian recording with his Fender Billy Corgan Signature Stratocaster Made In USA

Christian recording with his Fender Billy Corgan Signature Stratocaster Made In USA